8 Weeks With ADHD Big Brother

Thanks for coming by! Are you joining me for the following 8 weeks? If you are showing up in the future, please jump on in and get started any time! IF you are reading this, and haven’t listened to Episode 23 yet… what are you waiting for! After you have a listen, follow along here for the “work”. The assignment for week #1:

  • Visualize your ideal version of yourself.
  • Create a list of everything that needs to happen to achieve your vision.
  • Pick the top 5 items on the list that will have the most impact.
  • Which ONE thing will you set aside 30 minutes to work on every day.

As I go through this process, I feel it may be helpful to see how the work looks. If that is of interest, this is the work I’ve chosen to do on myself.

My Ideal Vision: The ideal vision I have of myself is to be about 25 pounds lighter. I am healthy, full of energy, feeling stronger, and confident in my skin. I spent my 30 minutes seeing myself in this ideal state, leaner, my clothes fit better, and in my vision I’m smiling more. I feel good.

My list of everything: (I set a timer for 30 minutes, and this is the list I came up with)

  • eat better
  • work out
  • give up eating crap food at work
  • drink more water
  • go on walks
  • change my relationship with food
  • make better food choices
  • be consistent with my workouts
  • hire a trainer
  • hire a food expert
  • pre-plan my meals
  • stop drinking alcohol
  • come up with alternatives for alcohol when out with friends
  • stop ordering out
  • no more pizza
  • get an accountability partner
  • pre-plan recipes that are healthy
  • pack lunches to work
  • learn to prioritize working out
  • learn to deny impulses
  • get out of the house more
  • go on a walk every day
  • stop eating chips and salsa
  • cut down on the sloppy (eating out) eating
  • eat at the same time every day
  • get into food and exercise routines
  • join a gym
  • do the push up challenge
  • be more active around the apartment
  • less sitting and watching tv
  • do yoga
  • do qigong
  • meditate every morning
  • read nutrition book
  • study at home exercises
  • find a new place to walk around this area
  • come up with easy recipes for lunches and dinners
  • schedule the exercises for my workouts in advance
  • buy clothes that make me feel good
  • take blood pressure readings to motivate health
  • drink a glass of water first thing when waking up
  • do not eat after 7:00pm
  • don’t buy junky snack foods
  • create alternative list of healthy snacks that I will actually eat
  • do workouts at 5:00am in the apartment gym
  • join a pool and swim
  • create a realistic time schedule for working out

From the list, pick the Top 5:

  • pre-plan meals
  • be consistent with my workouts
  • give up eating crap food at work
  • find a new place to walk in this area
  • stop drinking alcohol

Which ONE thing will I work on for 30 minutes: I have chosen to set aside 30 minutes at 4:00pm every day. During that 30 minutes I will split it between 20 minutes of working out using my resistance bands, and 10 minutes of pre-planning meals. It’s easy enough to just say I’m not going to drink alcohol, as it’s not something that occurs within a 30 minute timeframe. It is not my focus, but I will be self aware when I drink. Also, not eating crap food at work is something that can be remedied if I’m successful with pre-planning my meals.

And now I’ll turn it over to you! What are you going to work on? If you stick with this for 8 weeks, I will promise that you will see an amazing level of progress! Need help? You can always sign up for one-on-one attention, and daily accountability with the Nudge program.

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