Episode 42 – Mental Tension?

This is what you can accomplish in 15 minutes. Both of these are before and after images that were discussed in episode 42. Here is the link if you haven’t listened to it yet.

If there is a task you really do not want to do, but your life would be so much better if it were done, then try and crank it out in 15 minute chunks. Set a timer, be specific about what you are doing, and promise yourself you will QUIT when the timer goes off! You’ll be amazed at what you get done.

This WAS my bedroom. I did not stage it for this photo. This is the result of days of laundry, a really hot apartment, and me avoiding my bedroom at all costs. I set the 15 minute timer and….

This is what I was able to complete.

This is actually a room I would meditate in. It’s actually a room I would want to relax in. Do I wish it had more pizzazz? Sure. But I can achieve relaxation and I can meditate here. Let’s move on now to THE PILE! Here it is:

I set the timer for 15 minutes and too the bin to my clean bed. I sort the giant pile into various piles: Garbage, To File, To Shred, and Unopened letters. Disregard my Dungeons and Dragons book and notebook…those are my happy things that I read at night.

After 15 minutes, I was able to put everything in piles AND clear my bed. I now have additional 15 minutes I can do for opening mail, and filing papers. And my bin…..

She’s empty! Ready to start piling up again!!

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