Your ADHD symptoms can keep you in chaos, overwhelmed, and unable to move forward. Your ADHD can drown you in self-loathing. The Nudge is the answer for those who wish to feel hopeful, feel motivated, and see amazing results with minimal effort.

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ADHD Big Brother Podcast

ADHD Big Brother and host, Russ Jones, helps listeners gain a simplified understanding of their ADHD symptoms. Using examples from his own life with ADHD, Russ blends comedy and education and leaves you with practical strategies you can implement immediately.

Latest Podcast Episodes

Having ADHD sucks. I'll help you fix what you can, and laugh at what you can't!

Episode 16 – 3 Things Every Person With ADHD Needs To Do RIGHT NOW!

There are three things that people with ADHD struggle to do internally: planning, time, and accountability. In this episode I explain the difference between neurotypical brains and the ADHD brain when it comes to getting things done in life. Where neurotypical brains can process information internally, and make decisions based on that internal mental work, …

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Episode 15 – ADHD and Working Memory

How is it that people with ADHD have such a hard time holding information ? The short answer: because we aren’t built that way. Part of this self regulation disorder that we know as ADHD is that we have an impaired ability to not only hold information over short periods of time, but we struggle …

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Kent Dean
Kent DeanSpeaker

Russ Jones is one of the funniest and most impactful people I've ever met. He has helped me progress further toward achieving my goal of writing a book than I have achieved in the past ten years!

Emily Finnelly
Emily FinnellyMom and educational paraprofessional

Russ's perspective and approach are extremely manageable. Many of us have goals and dreams/ways-of-life we want for ourselves but we don't know how to start. We pre-judge whether or not we're capable or worthy of these goals and dreams. Working with Russ, I realized that I am worthy and what I want for my life is completely attainable.