Most people with ADHD lack motivation

They are constantly struggling to get started on goals as well as daily tasks.

I created a unique, self-paced program teaching easy-to-adopt, ADHD-specific skills, so they can get started on anything and ultimately experience a huge increase in productivity, self-confidence, and motivation.

Kent Dean
Kent DeanSpeaker

Russ Jones is one of the funniest and most impactful people I've ever met. He has helped me progress further toward achieving my goal of writing a book than I have achieved in the past ten years!

Emily Finnelly
Emily FinnellyMom and educational paraprofessional

Russ's perspective and approach are extremely manageable. Many of us have goals and dreams/ways-of-life we want for ourselves but we don't know how to start. We pre-judge whether or not we're capable or worthy of these goals and dreams. Working with Russ, I realized that I am worthy and what I want for my life is completely attainable.


Russ breaks down his own personal experiences with humor and thoughtfulness helping you gain insight into removing your own barriers and achieving your goals. His methods are so easy to follow and he truly cares about helping you through your own journey.

Jenn St. John

Working with Russ was the single most important investment I made for myself this year. With Russ's help I was able to break down what felt massive into smaller, attainable goals. I would go back and watch the videos throughout the day if I started feeling overwhelmed and it would help get me back on track. The impact this program had on my confidence pushed me to be more visible in my role, practice some leadership qualities that I had been too afraid to show off, and to start a course that I had been dreaming about for months. The response from my peers has been so energizing and was just the kick in the ass I needed! Best Big Bro EVER!!

Jen M

How long was I going to wait to do something I loved? Not being able to play music everyday didn't feel like it was a big enough deal to ask for help. Why couldn't I do it on my own? I don't know, but I couldn't. In two weeks with Russ I went from putting off doing something I wanted to learn because I was so busy to playing music and singing everyday for twenty minutes, sometimes more! Russ's support was really important and it changed my pandemic for the better.

You can achieve great things, despite your ADHD!

Meet Your ADHD Big Brother

Russ Jones
Russ Jones

My purpose is to help those struggling with ADHD/Depression to get moving forward and build back the self-worth and self-confidence missing in their lives. We do this through a process I call "The Nudge" which combines what I've learned through an ADHD coaching education as well as my integrative wellness coach training. Diagnosed with ADHD and Depressive Disorder later in life, I am no stranger to the dark thoughts, the scattered brain, the inability to move forward on seemingly simple tasks, the life struggles, divorce, career struggles...I've lived it. It is my belief that if I can get on the other end of this, you can too!

Hire Russ As Your ADHD Big Brother

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