The Nudge


You are here because you need to make changes in your life and your debilitating ADHD symptoms are keeping you from making it happen.

The Nudge is a personalized program that directly attacks your self-loathing, and put you on a motivating path that gives you hope and happiness despite your ADHD!

100% money back guarantee (minus Paypal fee) if you are not completely satisfied! 

More info and video testimonial below.

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The Nudge is a personalized 14 day program designed to attack your ADHD self-loathing, show you the path to being cool with yourself, and give you the tools and motivation to get you kickstarted on your goals. In two weeks, you will go from being held back by your ADHD symptoms to having the tools and strategies that will get your ball rolling and keep you going! And in answer to your question “what can I possibly achieve in only two weeks?!”…see the video below. You will be amazed or you will get your money back. If you are tired of feeling crappy about yourself, this is your fast track out of that abyss. 

How it works

The Nudge takes direct aim at your personal ADHD struggles, and the self-talk that prevents you from moving forward. Using tools, techniques, and strategies that Russ has acquired over the years, The Nudge will offer you a daily assignment that is tailored to you. It’s simple! Once purchased, you will receive a short questionnaire. Answer it to the best of your ability, and Russ will respond within 24 hours with your first nudge! You will never feel lost because Russ is just an email away during the entire 14 days.

Your commitment: set aside 30 minutes every day for The Nudge. Every day at your desired time you will hear from Russ via a personalized, emailed video offering you education, inspiration, and a simple 20 minute assignment. These short videos are tailored specifically to you, as Russ records them on the previous evening directly to you. By sending you a video you are bypassing the chit chat and scheduling struggle of a phone call. Russ can help you cut right to the chase, and this ultimately saves you a ton of money…for a program like this, a daily phone call would run you over $2000!

Here is some video from a nudge client.  Jenn had been struggling with her ADHD and felt it was keeping her from achieving the goals she had at work. That’s when she stumbled upon the ADHD Big Brother podcast, and reached out to give The Nudge program a shot. In 14 days, she saw a massive increase in her job performance and also received high praise from company management and her team!


If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form.

Ready? Set? NUDGE!

100% money back guarantee (minus Paypal fee) if you are not completely satisfied! 

You can check out securely through Paypal. Your personal billing information is not kept, shared, or sold by ADHD Big Brother. The only information retained is your name and your email for the sole purpose of communicating throughout the program.


“The Nudge was the single most important investment I made for myself this year. With Russ’s help I was able to break down what felt massive into smaller, attainable goals. I would go back and watch the videos throughout the day if I started feeling overwhelmed and it would help get me back on track. The impact this program had on my confidence pushed me to be more visible in my role, practice some leadership qualities that I had been too afraid to show off, and to start a course that I had been dreaming about for months. The response from my peers has been so energizing and was just the kick in the ass I needed to crawl out of the dark hole that was 2020. Best Big Bro EVER!!” ~ Nudge Client

“How long was I going to wait to do something I loved? Not being able to play music everyday didn’t feel like it was a big enough deal to ask for help. Why couldn’t I do it on my own? I don’t know, but I couldn’t. In two weeks with Russ I went from putting off doing something I wanted to learn because I was so busy to playing music and singing everyday for twenty minutes, sometimes more! Russ’s support was really important and it changed my pandemic for the better.” ~ Nudge Client

“Russ Jones is one of the funniest and most impactful people I’ve ever met. He has helped me progress further toward achieving my goal of writing a book than I have achieved in the past ten years!” – Kent Dean

“Russ breaks down his own personal experiences with humor and thoughtfulness helping you gain insight into removing your own barriers and achieving your goals. His methods are so easy to follow and he truly cares about helping you through your own journey.” – Krishna, Scientist